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People Detection in OpenCV again

There are a number of enquiries about the people detection video I did a while ago. It is a step by step explanation of what I have done. I use the XCode 4 in OSX Lion with OpenCV 2.3 to try out the following. The first step is to download and build the latest OpenCV […]

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Facebook and RFID with CocaCola

I come across this video about the use of RFID bracelet to track visitors to a CocaCola event with Facebook integration.

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Face Tracker in OSX

This video is the test run of the Face Tracker code by Jason Saragih. I compile and run it in OSX 10.7 with OpenCV 2.3. Since Xcode will build the product into the user’s Library folder, I have to put the face model information in the product folder. In OSX 10.7, the Library folder in […]

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OpenNI in Processing: simple-openni

I just found this very useful Processing wrapper for OpenNI. It included a number of useful functionalities in OpenNI.

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OpenNI in Processing – User Tracker

The second example from the Java binding of OpenNI, the User Tracker. It crashes when I run it in the 64bit OSX environment. For the demo, I run it in a 32bit Windows 7 machine.

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Google Ads

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OpenNI and Processing

Based on the latest Java binding of the OpenNI, I put the SimpleViewer sample into a Processing sketch. The trick is to convert the BufferedImage into a PImage object for display. I did testing with another sample – UserTracker. It seemed that it can only run in 32 bit environment, not the 64 bit.

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This is one of the hottest videos from Microsoft Research in this years’ SIGGRAPH presentation. From Create Digital Motion

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TuioPad and Pure Data

It is a very simple experiment with the free iPhone app tuiopad. The app routes the multitouch information from the iPhone to a host through the open sound control communication protocol. I send the TUIO multitouch signals to a host running a Pure Data patch to display the co-ordinate in a GEM window. The Pd […]

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Cocoa Capture and Display

The last example directly preview the camera image. In this example, I store the frame image and re-display it again using an OpenGL view. There is no QTCaptureView in the window. The major reference is the open source Cocoa based OpenCV experiment – CVOCV.    

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