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Pixel Buffer Object in Processing

People switching from Processing to OpenFrameworks or other more serious development platforms due to performance consideration. I have done a few searches and found that there are a number of libraries using different Java bindings of OpenCL, Vertex Buffer Object, Pixel Buffer Object, and even DirectShow. I wonder if it is more possible to use […]

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Neurosky MindWave and Processing

This is my first trial run of a Neurosky MindWave sensor with a custom program written in Processing. The connection architecture is quite straight forward. The ThinkGear connector is a background process that reads from the IR serial port to obtain the brainwave signals and distributes them through a TCP socket server (localhost with port […]

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Nanobot Music

Here is a distributed robotic controlled music performance. It is a research project from the University of Pennsylvania.     From Cool Hunting.

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Digital Puppetry

In a research for an interactive design project, I discover this software, Animata. It is free for creating digital puppetry.   Here is another blog in Taiwan about digital version of traditional puppetry.

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