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The new face detection and Processing

Here is the slightly modified version of the OpenCV Java tutorial example with face detection, ported to Processing. import*;   import org.opencv.core.Core; import org.opencv.core.Mat; import org.opencv.core.MatOfRect; import org.opencv.core.Point; import org.opencv.core.Rect; import org.opencv.core.Scalar; import org.opencv.core.CvType; import org.opencv.core.Size; import org.opencv.objdetect.CascadeClassifier;   import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import java.awt.image.WritableRaster; import java.awt.image.Raster;   Capture cap; int pixCnt; BufferedImage bm;   CascadeClassifier […]

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OpenCV 2.4.4 and Processing

The latest OpenCV 2.4.4 supports the desktop version of Java. We can use the OpenCV functions in the Processing environment. Before we write a library for it, we can temporarily test it by putting the opencv-244.jar and libopencv_java244.dylib into the code folder of your sketch. For Windows, the dll file should go there as well. […]

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