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Motion Template Rendering of Classic Film Sequences

I use the motion template Processing program in the previous post to render a number of classic film sequences from IGN. Through the motion components returned from each frame, I draw a square by picking up the colour of the pixel at that location.  

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OpenCV Motion Template Example in Processing

The following example ported the original OpenCV motion template sample code in C to Java/Processing. The original source is the motempl.c file in the OpenCV distribution. The program started using the default video capture device and passed it to the class Motion. It employed the accumulated difference images to segment into different motion regions, delivered […]

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Conversion between Processing PImage and OpenCV cv::Mat

This example illustrates the use of the Java version of OpenCV. I built the OpenCV 2.4.8 in Mac OSX 10.9. After building, I copied the following two files to the code folder of the Processing sketch: opencv-248.jar libopencv_java248.dylib The program initialised the default video capture device. It converted the PImage first into an OpenCV matrix […]

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Build OpenCV 2.4.8 in Mac OSX 10.9

My former post described the steps to build OpenCV from source in OSX. With OSX 10.9 and the latest Xcode 5.0.2, there are changes before I can build the OpenCV again. I refer to this post for the building process. In this configuration, I do not need to specify in the ccmake command line the […]

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JavaScript Test

This is a first test with JavaScript canvas in a WordPress post. There is an external script file with the following content.

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