OpenCV and Processing 6

To perform the same image loading task in OpenCV, we use the imread() function in the Imgcodecs module. The function was in the Highgui module before. The image loaded in the Mat data structure is in BGR format. We shall use the split and merge commands to align the proper channels. Finally, we use a byte array to transfer the pixels information to the pixels[] array of a PImage object.
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OpenCV and Processing 3

This example will demonstrate the use of CvType, Size and Scalar.

CvType defines all the matrix types in OpenCV. It describes the number of channels, and depth information for each element (pixel) in the matrix. This example will use CV_8UC1 – 8 bits unsigned char, 1 channel. To communicate with Processing, we usually take CV_8UC4 for ARGB as the RGB format in PImage also uses 4 bytes for storage.
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OpenCV 3.0.0 rc1 Java build

I built the OpenCV 3.0.0 rc1 64-bit Java bindings and packaged into one single file. You can use it for the Processing examples. Copy them to the code folder of the sketch for simple testings.

opencv_java300_rc1 (64-bit)

It includes the following files,

  • opencv-300.jar
  • libopencv_java300.dylib (patched with the @loader_path)
  • (built in Ubuntu 64 bit)
  • opencv_java300.dll (default one from the pre-built binary)