OpenCV and Processing 10

I decide to put together the OpenCV and Processing codes into a class to encapsulate the functions. In this example, I extend the original PImage class and create the CVImage class.  Besides the constructor, the following functions are the major interfaces:

  • toCV() – copy the content of the PImage pixels[] array to the internal Mat variable cvImg; the internal format for the Mat is BGRA filme hden.
  • fromCV(Mat) – convert a parameter Mat to the internal storage of Mat and pixels[] array; it accepts input of 1, 3, and 4 channels edencity app.
  • Mat getBGRA() – output the BGRA Mat from the internal Mat storage.
  • Mat getBGR() – output the BGR Mat from the internal Mat storage express scribe download german free.
  • Mat getGrey() – out the greyscale Mat from the internal Mat storage.

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