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Enumerate all files in the data folder of Processing

There are lots of ways to enumerate all the files inside the data folder of Processing sketch. Here are 2 of them. The first one uses the Java DirectoryStream class. The second one uses the static function walkFileTree from the Files class.   Example with DirectoryStream try { DirectoryStream<Path> stream = Files.newDirectoryStream(Paths.get(dataPath(""))); for (Path file […]

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Looping through a List in Processing

Here is a piece of demonstration code to use various ways to loop through a List or ArrayList in Processing, i.e. Java. The first two examples use for loop and the third one uses the while loop.   We initialize the ArrayList with random integers. ArrayList<Integer> iList = new ArrayList<Integer>(); iList.add(floor(random(10))); iList.add(floor(random(10))); iList.add(floor(random(10)));ArrayList<Integer> iList = […]

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News coverage from The Japan Times

This is the video reportage from The Japan Times about the Japan Media Arts Festival 2015 Award Exhibition.  

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