iFaceDQ (2021)

This artwork is an extended version of the former work, Be a Hong Kong Patriot, Part 3 – The Red Scout, adopted for the group exhibition Art Machines – Past/Present, shown in the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, City University of Hong Kong.

Exhibition leaflet is also available here.

The artwork features a magic mirror that can detect the face of the visitor and determine according to machine learning how likely he/she may be disqualified from running the Hong Kong Legislative Council election. Through the mirror, the visitor’s face will also be transformed into one of the existing Legislative Council member’s face based on a closest match algorithm.

Testing video of iFaceDQ

Two face transformation methods had been experimented with. The first one is the Face Morphing.

The second method is the Face Swapping.

The face matching algorithm is done by the Python scikit-learn library. The following images are demonstration of the matching results.

Finally, the classification and matching details are included in one single interface.

The artwork also summarises the detection and classification statistics in form of a pie chart.

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