Face detection with Dlib in TouchDesigner

The example will continue to use a Script CHOP, Python and TouchDesigner for a face detection function. Instead of using the MediaPipe library, it will use the Dlib Python binding. It refers to the face detector example program from the Dlib distribution. Dlib is a popular C++ based programming toolkit for various applications. Its image processing library contains a number of face detection functions. Python binding is also available.

The main face detection capability is defined in the following statements.

import dlib

detector = dlib.get_frontal_face_detector()

rects = detector(image, 0)

The Script CHOP will generate the following channels

  • cx (centre of the rectangle – horizontal)
  • cy (centre of the rectangle – vertical)
  • width
  • height

for the largest face it detected from the live image.

The complete project is available in the FaceDetectionDlib1 GitHub folder.