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Bryan Wai-ching CHUNG is an interactive media artist and design consultant. Chung was awarded the Media Artist of the Year 2016, by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He was also the Grand Prize winner of the Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division, 2015. In 2009, his consultation work, Coca Cola Happy Whistling Machine won the Media Kam Fan Advertising Award. Chung’s works have been exhibited at the World Wide Video Festival, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific, Stuttgart Film Winter Festival, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival and the China Media Art Festival. In the former Shanghai Expo 2010, he provided interactive design consultancy to various industry leaders in Hong Kong and China. Chung studied computer science in HK, interactive multimedia in London, and software art in Melbourne. He also develops software libraries for the popular open source programming language Processing. He is the author of the books, Multimedia Programming with Pure Data (Packt Publishing, 2013) and Pro Processing for Images and Computer Vision with OpenCV (Apress Springer, 2017). Currently, he is Associate Professor in the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, where he teaches subjects on interactive arts, computer graphics, and multimedia.

鍾緯正是互動媒體藝術家及設計顧問,二零一六年他獲頒受香港兿術發展局媒體藝術年度藝術家大獎。二零一五年,其作品《半百、半白》榮獲日本媒體藝術祭,藝術組別大獎。二零零九年,他亦提供顧問及設計服務予《可口可樂、快樂工厰》項目,並奪得金帆獎媒體金獎。他在二零一零年上海世博期間為參展商提供互動設計顧問服務。他的其他作品曾在香港、北京、杭州、德國、荷蘭等地展出。鍾緯正在香港修讀電腦科學,其後在倫敦進修多媒體設計,並在澳洲墨爾本取得藝術博士學位。他亦為開源軟件 Processing 開發程式,及出版多媒體設計的教科書籍,其中包括 Packt 出版社的《Multimedia Programming with Pure Data》和 Apress Springer 出版社的《Pro Processing for Images and Computer Vision with OpenCV》。鍾研發的開源軟件亦在 GitHub 公開發放。目前他任教於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院,負責互動藝術、電腦圖像等科目。

Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Artist of the Year 2016 (Media Art) award ceremony

Former business

A few years ago, I worked with DBIS Interactive (Don’t Believe in Style), before it was merged and acquired, as interactive media consultant to develop state-of-the-art interactive content and infrastructure for the local creative industries.


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