Movement in Space (version 2) Testing videos

A new version of the Movement in Space project will be exhibition end of this year as an installation piece. Here are some testing videos.



The work is rewritten from the original web version to a Processing version. The animation is built with 3 parametric harmonic formulae. The outputs from one animation can be used as inputs for another formula, in order to simulate the artificial neural network.

Some thoughts about the recent OpenCV and films works

It is about time to write up something about the recent works (post 1, post 2) that I have done with OpenCV and the classic film sequences. I started the recent version of the project first for the submission to the Image Conference in Berlin and then the Microworld exhibition in Hong Kong. The software I have been testing is the OpenCV library, openFrameworks and Processing. For the final show, I may choose openFrameworks for performance and stability reasons.

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