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OpenCV 3.3 Java Build

The new release of OpenCV 3.3 is out now. I again prepare the Java build for the CVImage Processing library use. It also includes the optflow extra module for motion history applications. Here is the list of the 3 OpenCV releases. CVImage with OpenCV 3.1 CVImage with OpenCV 3.2 CVImage with OpenCV 3.3 The book […]

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OpenCV 3.2 Java Build

In preparing for the forthcoming book in Processing and OpenCV, I have tried to build the Java binding in OpenCV 3.2. It worked easily for the basic components. Nevertheless, when I included the contribution module – optflow, it failed. After a number of attempts in various platforms, I found it was due to the […]

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OpenCV and Processing 2

The second example loads the OpenCV library; creates an identity matrix; and print its content in the console window.  

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OpenCV and Processing 1

This is the beginning of a series of posts related to using OpenCV and Processing in the Linux environment. I built the OpenCV 3.0.0 rc1 in Ubuntu. By putting the 2 files, and opencv-300.jar in the code folder of a sketch, I can use the alpha version 3.0a7 of Processing and the official Java […]

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Multimedia Programming with Pure Data

The book is finally published. It is the first English book on Pure Data that covers both visual (the GEM library) and audio elements. Check it out from the Packt Publishing.

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Prototyping Interfaces

The new book Prototyping Interfaces – Interactive Sketches with VVVV is a collection of interactive experiments with the free software VVVV.   From Create Digital Motion

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New books I have been reading

ART+COM: Media Spaces and Installations     A Touch of Code     See Yourself Sensing  

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