Selected works

Here is a list of my selected works on interactive media design.

2D augmented reality
It is a teaching material for students to use the 2D marker for augmented reality tracking. A piece of video will follow the marker in the two dimensional screen.

3D augmented reality
It is another teaching material for 3D augmented reality application. Four pieces of digital videos will follow the movement and orientation of a marker in three dimensional space.

Brainwave controlled painting
It is a working prototype to use a brainwave sensor to detect my brain activities and use them for abstract painting.

Body tracking demonstration
It is a piece of software library I develop to track the live movement of a human subject in front of the Microsoft Kinect camera.

Face recognition installation (testing)
It is an interactive artwork shown in the Museum of Art, Hong Kong in 2008. I developed this face recognition software to drive a moving camera to chase after the audience standing in front of the installation work. It worked with the electronics to drive a motor in the ceiling and the flashing LED lights whenever a face was recognised on the spot.

Works done with DBIS
Coca Cola interactive marketing campaign
It was an interactive advertising campaign together with McCann. Audience’s faces were captured and mapped with the animated characters to sing along with Joey Yung in the music video.

Kent interactive game
It was an interactive advertising game with Oglivy Hong Kong to use a printed box as a game controller for a space travel game.

Gestural interface prototype
It was a working prototype to use hand gestures to control an interactive display of a housing project.

Interactive display with smart card (RFID)
It was an interactive display in Hong Kong Ecopark with an RFID card as interacting device for the audience.