I started working in multimedia production since my studies in London in 1996. Here is a brief list of the works I made.

Movement in Time, Part 2, Chinese Martial Art Film Sequences and Cursive Calligraphy (2016)

50 . Shades of Grey, Early White Exhibition (2015)

Big Data Small Sound (2015)

Movement in Time, v.2 interactive version (2014)

Movement in Time, v.1 100 classic films version (2014)

Movement in Void – A Tribute to TV Buddha (2013)

Generative Graphics with OpenCL (2012)

Evolutionary Graphics Class Examples (2011)

Software Art Project (2005-2011)

Do You Really Want to Touch Me? (2010)

Slit Scan Experiment (2009)

I Second that e-Motion (2008)

Be a Hong Kong Patriot, Part 2, the Fuzzy Wanker (2008, 2004)

I See Where You Are in Central (2005)

Be a Hong Kong Patriot, Part 1, Love Takes the Victoria Peak (2002)

Art + 01 Heritage Museum Opening Exhibition (2001, with Hung Keung)

Y2K and the Millennium Butterflies (2001)

The Human Being and Moving Images (2001 with Hung Keung)

Where Do We Go From Here? (1997)

The Train (1996)

The Bid (1996)

Old analog graphic works

Old analog paintings