TuioPad and Pure Data

It is a very simple experiment with the free iPhone app tuiopad.

The app routes the multitouch information from the iPhone to a host through the open sound control communication protocol. I send the TUIO multitouch signals to a host running a Pure Data patch to display the co-ordinate in a GEM window.

The Pd patch

There are other commercial products with more sophisticated features: OSCemote and TouchOSC.


One Reply to “TuioPad and Pure Data”

  1. thank you very much for that basic explanation! but i wonder how to receive messages from more than one cursor profile (muliple fingers on the pad)? i looked up the message specifications in the tuio reference, which say:

    /tuio/2Dcur source application@address
    /tuio/2Dcur alive s_id0 … s_idN
    /tuio/2Dcur set s_id x_pos y_pos x_vel y_vel m_accel
    /tuio/2Dcur fseq f_id

    so i tried to put an object like [route alive s_id0 s_id1 s_id2] an then say [route set] an [unpack…] for every single session_id. well, that didn’d do the trick… and some other experiments neither.

    i’m not very familiar with pd yet… could you please help me out? by the way, very impressive artworks mr. chung!

    thanks in advance,

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