7 Replies to “More MindWave in Processing”

  1. Hellooooo
    I’m a beginner in processing, and i really need to know how to use some different value (beta, gamma, concentration etc)… Could you send me just a simple example without any class, because i can use only concentration and meditation for the moment 🙁
    I use the basic code of the librairy, “thinkgearDemo” to build my sketch it… So i’m really lost…

    Thank you so much for your work


  2. Do you have documentation on how to set up the library and MindWave for this example? Looking to try a recreation

  3. Amazing. Are you using mindwave mobile (bloetooth version)? It is possible to get the raw EEG wave (voltage vs time) into processing? I thing I have to buy one of those toys!!! Greetings. Javier.

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