Kinect for Windows in Processing 1

Finally, I start to work on a Processing library to work with Kinect for Windows SDK. This very preliminary version shows only the colour image and the depth image. For the depth image, I convert the original 13 bit depth map into a PImage for easy display. Both images are of the size 640 x 480.

You can download this for a try. It is created in Windows 7 64bit and Java 7. More to work!

The code is very straightforward.

import pKinect.PKinect;
PKinect kinect;
void setup()
  size(1280, 480);
  kinect = new PKinect(this);
void draw()
  image(kinect.GetImage(), 0, 0);
  image(kinect.GetDepth(), 640, 0);
void mousePressed()

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  1. Bryan,

    I´ve problems with my processing code, I´m using the SDK drives and will try to use the Open NI drives. Could you please tell me if your processing code works with a 32 Windows machine? I´m new in processing and work with new libraries is quite ok but I´ve problems with java and it is difficult to find the correct java for fix the problem…I sow your video and I don’t have the same libraries in processing…
    Could you explain slowly how to work with that scipt



  2. Hi there

    I have kinect for windows, and have had trouble with making processing work with it, until I found your code. Thanks for posting it. Also I was wondering if you have a list of functions you can pull from the kinect, other than just the getImage and getDepth. Can you get the skeleton data? Any help would be much appreciated.



    1. Dear Edd,
      I have just started to work on with the library. At this moment, I have done only the colour and depth images. BTW, the interface may also change as I plan to integrate the colour and depth images into one ARGB pixel array. Thanks.


  3. I have found one thing with processing + kinect, it will automatically disconnect and require constant restart of the program around 3 hours time. May be memory leak issue…

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