Build OpenCV 2.4.8 in Mac OSX 10.9

My former post described the steps to build OpenCV from source in OSX youtube videos with firefox. With OSX 10.9 and the latest Xcode 5.0.2, there are changes before I can build the OpenCV again. I refer to this post for the building process la cintura kostenlos downloaden.

In this configuration, I do not need to specify in the ccmake command line the C and CXX compiler. For machine with CUDA, I use /usr/bin/clang for the CUDA_HOST_COMPILER option dokumentarfilme herunterladen. After the generation phase of the ccmake process, I manually edit the CMakeCache.txt file to alter some more options google chrome zertifikat herunterladen.

For CUDA_NVCC_FLAGS, the options are -Xcompiler -stdlib=libstdc++; -Xlinker -stdlib=libstdc++

For CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS and CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS, the option is -stdlib=libstdc++

The second option will instruct the build process not to use the new C++11 library that may cause compilation errors in openFrameworks herunterladen.