6 Replies to “OpenCV people detection (v.2)”

  1. Hi Bryan, May ask that how you make it to detect so well when it capture a human . I can’t detect quite well as sometime only a certain distance it could detect.

  2. Hello:

    I am a student of the 1st year in computer science, please I would like to get your code in order to learn about ppl detection, many thanks =)


    1. Dear Paola,
      I have put the codes in the post. Please check. Thanks.


  3. Hey,

    I’m trying to develop an interactive system that requires real-time people detection. Your system seams to fit perfectly. Would you mind to explain how you enhanced the base version of OpenCV sample. Or simply share the implementation.


  4. Hi, May I know how do you compile and run the peopledetect.cpp samples from openCV. I had managed to compile it using Visual Studio 2008 by include all the library, however it’s not working. it seems that I cannot call the HOG function.

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