Kinect for Windows in Processing 2

After the first post of the Kinect for Windows library, this is the second version of the Kinect for Windows in Processing font helvetica download kostenlos. I modified the pixels array to contain only the colour pixels of players. The rest is painted green as background. In this version, I align the colour and depth pixels in one output frame buffer, with the use of the NuiImageGetColorPixelCoordinateFrameFromDepthPixelFrameAtResolution method herunterladen coniugazione.

The Processing code is here minecraft dungeons beta herunterladen. The DLL is in the code folder of the sketch. In this version, I used Windows 7 32-bit and Java 7. I’ll consolidate to build both the 32-bit and 64-bit once the interface is more stable canon eos 350d fotos herunterladen.

I use the Kinect for Windows 1.5 SDK.

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  1. Hi bryan,
    can you tell me how to do this with Kinect and processing

    I want track the 3D coordinates of the hand and also want to detect if hand touches any random surface or not. I have done 3D hand tracking with “kinect Xbox 360” in processing 1.5.1 using “SimpleOpenNI ” library.

    I had the idea if we can some how detect the vertical & parallel plane of every object with the kinect (realtime) and track the hand 3D coordinate, if it lying in the plane of object.

    Suppose if the hand is lying in the plane of any object and we also detect that it is in front of the object or not.

    thanks regards

    Ahbinav Kumar

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